In Sal, older children tend to lead busy lives, with chores at home, homework, studies and other activities. A lot of responsibility is imparted on them from an early age and a sense of organization, discipline and commitment becomes fundamental in order to do all of it, while still finding time to be a child.

November has been a month of school exams for our young dancers and even though their participation in the project’s rehearsals suffered a bit, most made sure to let our mentors know in advance that their sole focus for a few weeks was going to be at school.

We honestly couldn’t be prouder! At Noz Ritmu we keep communication open with our students and they know that if they come to us with an issue or a challenge, it’s our duty to be understanding and supportive.

In the end, it shows how much they value the project, what they’re learning week after week, building friendships, trust and enjoying rythm-packed moments!